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Where Have All My Marketing Investments Gone?

This paper describes the state of marketing today and covers the latest marketing imperatives. It then explains how marketing performance analytics can help marketers address
and act on today’s pressures to optimally allocate marketing resources, quantify marketing returns and demonstrate accountability to the business.
Executive Summary

In the US $83 billion is lost each year because of poor customer experiences. This kind of loss puts immense pressure on marketers to:

  • Understand and engage with empowered consumers.
  • Evaluate and prioritise channels.
  • Create a consistent customer experience.
  • Coordinate and deliver a seamless experience throughout the enterprise.
  • Optimise marketing performance

This pressure comes at a time when the marketing landscape is dominated by technology-savvy customers who expect more and better products and services and are quite happy to broadcast their needs, likes and dislikes in new channels created by social media.

The pressures on marketing can be turned into opportunities, however. With ownership of customer interaction, sentiment, demographic, behavioral information and more, marketers can

lead the charge toward becoming truly customer-centric. With the right tools and solutions, chief marketing officers (CMOs) and their marketing teams can gain a better understanding of

their contribution to the business by tracking results, comparing them to operational drivers and metrics, sharing this information and linking performance to key financial targets. One key to success is marketing performance analytics.


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